Amazon Excel Calculator incl. FBA (US version)

When I tried to fully calculate my first product on Amazon and tried to get the right numbers from Amazon’s commision scheme I thought „WTF“? It is heavily complicated and the whole calculation can change a lot once your product gets an inch longer or pound heavier.

As product research is a key step in becoming a successful seller on Amazon I new I would not want to do this over and over again. So I developed a spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel which now does the heavy lifting.

The only parameters you need to enter are:

  • Unit price in USD
  • Order quantity
  • Duty (Rate)
  • Freight costs
  • Other handling costs
  • Product size
  • Product weight
  • Product type (Media/Clothing or not)
  • Amazon Category

… and that’s it!

The calculator then tells you the following:

  • Length + Girth size
  • Dimensional weight
  • Storage costs per unit per month
  • Turnaround time in months
  • Average stock level
  • Average storage costs per month
  • Total storage costs (5 months)
  • Standard- or Oversize?
  • Packaging type
  • Outbound shipping weight
  • Order handling fee
  • Pick & Pack fee
  • Weight handling fee
  • Total shipping fee
  • Referral fee
  • Variable closing fee
  • Total FBA costs
  • Storage costs (per month / total)
  • Total Amazon costs
  • Net result after FBA
  • Purchasing costs
  • Net result
  • Margin

It took me day to complile it but it already save me hundreds of hours and I am smiling every day when I am using it.

I already updated it with the new fees which come into effect from March 2016 on!

This is how it looks like:

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The best thing is, you can have it to. I have decided to make it public. You can download it for 49 USD + VAT here.

Download Amazon FBA Calculator for Excel

Got great feedback from many people who are using it. The one I love most is: „It’s a true competitve advantage. Thanks, Trutz“

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